Strategic Planning & Execution Case Study

PACE Strategic Planning & Execution

Strategic Planning and Execution - Creating a long term strategy for long term success


Our client came to us because their management team was disconnected with the business and where it needed to go in the future. There was no long-term strategy or succession plan in place causing stagnant profits and productivity issues.


We met with the CEO for a strategy session and included the management team.

Together, we created a plan that would take the business in a new direction. Once the strategy for going forward was developed, PACE continued to support the client and their executive team with ongoing interactive meetings to resolve issues as they arose in relation to the plan and overall business management.


The client’s revenue increased 30% in the following year, and their net profitability rose by 500%. By making the management team part of the planning and implementation of change, the entire organization was elevated. We created accountability and feedback mechanisms to put a positive spin on change management and gave the client a roadmap to manoeuver around group resistance as the business moved in a new direction.