Producer Services

MIHI’s producer services concentrate on sales, revenue and retention with a specific focus on new business development. With our customized, on-site program we will help you create a new sales culture at both the brokerage and producer level. We provide unlimited guidance and support for the sales management and sales team and show you how to engage your producer team to maximize your company’s profitability.

Sales Management

Based on the needs of your brokerage, we will develop a specific sales management process through our Sales Revenue Solutions Program (SRS) that enables you to mentor your team, set performance reviews and sales goals for the brokerage and for individual producers as well as perform contract reviews and create a compensation structure. As we help you chart, implement and manage theses activities, you will soon be able to achieve the sales goals required for lasting success.

Producer Coaching

MIHI offers one-on-one producer mentoring and coaching. We help you set individual producer goals and performance measures and identify your growth potential. A custom sales plan will be created for each producer, accompanied by ongoing coaching so the sales plan can be fulfilled.