We are very happy with our decision to utilize the services of MIHI and would recommend them without hesitation.

CMW Insurance Services Ltd.
Andrew Kemp, President and Kelly Stafford, Systems & Training Manager

We have been extremely pleased with the work you have done, and continue to do, with our Burnaby office. Thanks to you we now have standard workflow protocols to work with.

Wilson M. Beck Insurance Services Inc.
Bruce G. Davie, General Manager

It has been three weeks since you left our office and the excitement and buzz you created still exists. The team has readily accepted and implemented the renewal process. Instead of being reactive to our work we are now proactive and can better manage our clients.

Cambridge Insurance
Darrell Frazer, President, Commercial Operations

The MIHI Group was able to offer the direction and support that our organization needed to jumpstart our sales culture. We are reaping the benefits of participating in this program. The SRS Program has been a key contributing factor to our exceptional new business growth this year – an increase of over 40% from last year. The SRS Program is a necessity for any insurance brokerage that is looking to gain an edge in this industry and that is interested in the bottom line – revenue growth.

Secure Insurance Solutions Group Inc.
Gary Hawkins, Vice President

We have been pleasantly surprised by the take up of the CLIPS Program by our Commercial Service Brokers. The structured focus days and the creation of a proactive renewal workflow has freed myself and my team to gain insight into the day to day activities of our employees and in particular, the renewal process.

McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers Inc.
Duncan Craigie, VP, Sales & Marketing

After only one week, our office has been completely transformed. The CLIPS program has been successfully implemented, the staff believes in the process and we have already begun to realize our new potential.

Bailey McNichol Wilson
Dwayne Day, President

Through the implementation of both the CLIPS and PLT Programs, we have been better able to manage consistent workflow structures within both the commercial and personal lines departments. We strongly believe in the ESP Program and what it has done for Pearson Dunn.

Pearson Dunn Insurance
George McCarter, President

Through the PLT Program you have improved our workflow, performance and overall efficiencies. The staff are engaged and are taking ownership and responsibility for themselves and their position. It’s been an awesome experience seeing the transition from a ‘task taker’ to a professional insurance ‘advisor’. Feedback from our clients is that they are loving it. I expect this directly relates to your renewal process; it is brilliant.

Roughly Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Jim Roughly, President

Thanks Cheryl for your input, this will definitely help us reach the goals we want to achieve in improving our department. I appreciate all your valuable suggestions.

Lyon & Butler Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Isilda Moreira, Supervisor Personal Lines Department

Our experience with MIHI was fantastic. Cheryl's knowledge, expertise, attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs was extremely important to us.

Topping Insurance Brokers Limited
Jill Hagerman, Executive Assistant

Since the completion of the SRS Program, our producers are increasingly driven and focused. As a direct consequence of the sales skills presented, our team enjoys prospecting new clients. We have a new keen ability to quickly identify the needs of a prospect and present our solutions in a complete and persuasive manner.

McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers Inc.
Joe DePaepe

I would highly recommend the SRS Program for any company interested in establishing an effective sales management program with a process to re-engage their sales team and drive new revenue growth. The program provided us with opportunities for expansion we had currently not been thinking of.

Profile Solutions Inc.
Joe Palmer, President

I would highly recommend the SRS Program to any company interested in maximizing new business growth and increased revenue through the success of a highly skilled sales team.

P&C Americas Commercial Insurance - SwissRe
Marybeth Morris, Vice President

I have been around the business for a long time and I have never experienced an outside consultant delivering product in such a short period of time ­congratulations!

Bradley’s Insurance (Stittsville) Ltd.
Maureen Gervais, Commercial Lines Manager

Documented systems and procedures also provide me “peace of mind” knowing our brokerage operates consistently when dealing with clients and prospects – NO more freelancing with everyone doing things differently. We are ONE cohesive team now.

McLean Insurance
Michael McLean, CEO

Unlike many other training programs, the live hands-on CLIPS approach both forces and reinforces positive change. We have definitely benefited from the training and look forward to working with MIHI on other initiatives.

Whitley Financial Services
Paul Whitley, President

We would not hesitate to recommend the CLIPS Program to any broker, except to any of our competitors!

Rogers Insurance Ltd.
W. Bruce Rabik, Chief Operating Officer

We were so impressed with Cheryl's observations and plans of action she recommended that we decided to contract with MIHI for a full year of ongoing services.

Bradley’s Insurance (Stittsville) Ltd.
Ray Shannon, Partner

CLIPS is an outstanding process that has transformed the back office and brought consistency to our workflows, which has lowered stress levels and potential E&O issues. We are anxious to continue working with the CLIPS system to realize its full benefits to our team productivity.

Purves Redmond Limited
Peter Redmond, President

The results we achieved using your SRS program are astonishing. We saw an unbelievable increase in both commercial business along with double-digit increase in our brokerage net revenue. Also with the use of the MIHI Clips Program, support and coaching, we have strengthened our sales team.

Bryson and Associates Insurance Brokers Limited
Tracy Makris, President

I strongly recommend the PLT Program. We introduced a standardized workflow process that we feel will make our personal lines more profitable. Our office systems are now clearly organized and structured in a way that we can handle the workload and our CSRs are working towards being stress free. I would strongly encourage anyone with a personal lines book to invest the time and money as you will not be disappointed.

The Safety Group
Pam Arsenault, Director of Operations

Your in-depth analysis of our existing procedures, our staffing capabilities and our utilization of the Power Broker system have allowed us to plan and implement a much better Personal Lines processing system than we had previously.

Meridian Insurance Group Inc.
W. Robert Norman, Vice President

My belief: I can’t manage results, I can only manage behaviors and process. Greg has been a helpful partner in steering the sales behavior with its process components, to reach the desired result of the new business sales growth.

Knox Insurance
Randy Bushey, General Manager

We have fully implemented the MIHI PLT protocols and are in a position to track individual work habits and make alteration to future improve our efficiency. We believe that the MIHI PLT program will give us a strategic advantage to achieve operational excellence and a preferred customer experience. We plan to bring MIHI back later this year to review the Commercial Lines CLIPS program.

Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Limited
Wendy DeSilva, CEO

You immediately gained the trust and respect of the front line staff as well as challenged and held the management team accountable for the results.

Gougeon Insurance Brokers
Shawna Kirkwood, Operations Manager

When first introduced to CLIPS we were skeptical about the concept of focusing on endorsements one day, renewals one day, etc. Now that we have been working this system for a few months, we are amazed at how normal it has become.

W.B. White Insurance
Sharon Walker, Operations Manager