Alix Stark

Alix Thorne


Digital Marketing Strategies
Social Media Management
Networking & Relationship Building

Alix's inherent entrepreneurial spirit has lead her to actively pursue several types of business avenues - including two self start-ups - Lucida Marketing and SmartSnobs. She has parlayed her business acumen to assist individuals and other entrepreneurs achieve their own successes within such diverse sectors as the Canadian music and entertainment scene, insurance & risk management, transportation groups, and several food and beverage services.

Now focusing her energy on supporting businesses with their online marketing and presence, Alix develops individual social media strategies for her clients. She merges the social media strategy with the company's marketing plan to implement online solutions for her clients, as well as managing the day-to-day content required for today's high-paced digital world.

Alix excels at ensuring her client's goals are met. She can create new and engaging online profiles for clients, and has also succeeded at taking existing, stalled online business profiles and transforming them virtually overnight. One client saw an increase of 1200 followers in just two days.

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