Jason Ruch, MBA

Jason Ruch


Sales Strategies
Product Representative
Distribution Management

Jason Ruch is a successful entrepreneur with over 10 years experience as an independent sales agent for both U.S. and Canadian manufacturers. As a PACE Associate, Jason is now applying his expertise to the support of both distributors and suppliers as they strive to increase profitable growth, differentiate themselves and create strong business relationships on both sides. Through the delivery of his Distributor / Supplier Value Program, Jason helps clients generate the maximum sustainable profit from each and every one of their business relationships.

After earning his MBA in 2001, Jason went on to win the National Salesperson Rookie of the Year, the first of many coveted sales industry awards. Jason consistently performs in the top of his field; with his unique ability to understand a business and its vision for the future, Jason builds and maintains strong relationships between manufacturers and distributors while maximizing profits.

His experience managing multiple distributors and distribution channels throughout Canada makes him an invaluable resource for PACE clients looking to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Professional Experience - sample list

  • Berry Plastics Corporation
  • Eco Guardian
  • GH Manufacturing Inc.

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