Randy Kruger

Randy Kruger


Insurance Policy and Contract Analysis
Certificate of Insurance Program Creation and Management
Insurance Risk Management

Randy is an insurance specialist with over 30 years of experience in (primarily) corporate risk mitigation and contract planning.  He has spent the majority of his long tenured career working with contractors and other large corporate clients fine tuning their insurance contracts to keep pace with the ever changing demands of their industries and company adjustments due to growth, diversification and change of strategy.  One of Randy’s top priorities is to ensure his clients are protected through all company life cycles without risk to operations.

As an associate of PACE, Randy provides diverse insurance claims, sales and management experience with particular focus on the insurance contracting, construction and manufacturing segments.  Randy is highly skilled in contract and policy analysis, with particular emphasis on creating unique Certificate programs and management and perpetuation of such to ensure external fail-safe contractual obligation combined with internal day-to-day ease of implementation. Thorough and detail-oriented, Randy is able to analyze, create, reorganize and oversee a program to mitigate litigious exposure while systematizing client operations.  Randy streamlines processes and procedures to optimize program efficiencies and productivity.

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