Steve Rocchi

Steve Rocchi


Business Development Strategies
Broker Operational Strategies
Specialty & Consultative Brokering

As an Associate of PACE, Steve offers our clients over 20 years of client facing commercial brokering and sales development experience. He has developed a unique process designed to enhance the broker ‘customer’ experience by creating a value proposition through Specialty, client advocacy, large client retention programs and cross selling business.

Operationally, Steve has partnered with one of the world’s most successful broker consolidators, advancing his knowledge and expertise providing our clients with the tools and techniques to increase profitability through the cultivation of carrier relations, succession planning, BMS data utilization and automation to maximize efficiencies.

Steve is a respected team player and communicator whose “no surprises” approach creates a collaborative, profit-minded win-win culture among decentralized colleagues and industry partners alike.

Professional Experience:

  • Hub International
  • Crawford & Company
  • Laurentian Insurance / AXA Canada

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